LubHexane® is an extraction solvent for vegetable oil. Manufactured with the highest quality this solvent has a narrow boiling range, low sulfur content, low benzene levels and low olefins.


LubSol® (also known as n-paraffin) is a high purity linear saturated paraffin mixture of various molecular weights in the C14-C17 carbon range. It is a clear, water white, low odor, low viscosity liquid. The unique process used to manufacture this solvent produces low levels of normal paraffin, which, in consequence have higher solvent strengths and lower freeze points than competitive low-aromatic solvents with equivalent boiling ranges.

The unique properties in LubSol® make it excellent for various applications, such as, lubricating oils, household/industrial cleaning, pesticide formulations as well as a fantastic chemical process solvent.

Typical examples and applications of these are:

  • Chlorination to high level of chorine content for use as flame-retardants, plasticizers and EP additives.
  • Oxidation to alcohols.
  • Nitration to nitro-alkanes and amines.
  • Sulfoxidation or sulfochlorination for surfactant or plasticizer manufacture.
  • Raw material for microbiological oxidation or fermentation process.

OMS – Odorless Mineral Spirit

LubSol® OMS is an isoparaffinic solvent that has been synthesized from selected hydrocarbons under conditions that exclude virtually all odor-producing fractions. This product is consequently highly stable and retains its virtually odorless quality under normal conditions and extended storage. LubSol® OMS meets Federal Specification A-A-2904 Type III. LubSol® OMS contains approximately 25 ppm BHT and does not contain detectable quantities of polycyclic aromatics, heavy metals or chlorinated compounds.
Uses include cleaning, chemical manufacturing & extraction, oilfield products, etc.

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